Santorini Island

Imperious, full of light, a exquisite harmony of the crater of lava and the whiteness of the houses, the blue of the sea and the full golden sun. All bound to each other and coexist and make your dreams come life. Life which gets whiff from the wind . The wind "Maistros".
The complex Maistros Village inspired by the colors of Santorini and dedicated to hospitality looking forward to spending unforgettable vacations.

Welcome to Karterados

This is a village of Santorini, situated almost in the center of the island, about 1 km southeast of Fira, the main road to Mesaria Indicate the existence of sources from the mid 17th century and during the 19th century was a large Kapetanochori (village of captains ) of Santorini. The village's name comes from the word trap, probably because there in the trap to pirates.

Karterados is a traditional village built in a ravine, has unique architecture and is surrounded by a serene landscape with vineyards. The original cave dwellings are houses built deep into the cliff and into a ravine so that their roofs are level with the street. The newer buildings are built-up on the hill. A walk through the village will take you back to past times.

Interestingly, the Church of the Analipsi (undertaking) as well as many other smaller churches in the village.

Karterados has enough accommodation has several restaurants with local dishes, confectioneries, bakeries with traditional products, mini markets a large supermarket on the main street, shops car rentals etc.

Access is easy by bus, taxi, private or rented cars, and walking from Fira.

The bus stop is at the entrance of the village from where linking the capital Fira Messaria Pirgos, Megalochori, Akrotiri, Emporio, Perissa Perivolos and Exo Gonia , Kamari. Buses run to and from the airport and the port. There is also a bus that passes through the village lead you to the beach.